Calvary East St. Louis - "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly" "Unifying Denominations and Mobilizing Christians for the Cause of Christ."
Calvary East St. Louis - "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly""Unifying Denominations and Mobilizing Christians for the Cause of Christ."

Ministry Team

Calvary East St. Louis leadership is dedicated to helping individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life in finding their purpose in accordance to the will of GOD. 

BJ Jackson

Sr. Pastor & Teacher


Pastor BJ has over 14 years experience in ministry with the last two as Pastor of Calvary. Pastor Jackson was born in Newark NJ, raised most of his youth in North St. Louis County before relocating and making a new home in the Metro East. He has a passion for helping people in meeting their dreams head on, but most importantly preparing them for an eternity of fellowship with Christ. His driving force is the concept that the focus is not what path you have walked in life, but the path you want to walk in Christ. We all have short comings and imperfections but glory to GOD for the grace and mercy that has made us whole.  Pastor Jackson was ordained through the Anglican Church Worldwind on April 28th 2013. He recieved his B.A of Criminal Justice from the University of Missouri St.Louis in August of 2013 and is currently attending Lincoln Christian University to obtain a MA of Bible and Theology. Outside of the church, Pastor Jackson manages the Autozone location in nearby Cahokia Illinois and has over 15 years experience in retail and management. 

David Bell Jr.



David Bell Jr. is the Associate Pastor of Calvary. He has many years experience in worship, as a musician and a passion for prayer and outreach.

Elder Rosemary Johnson Pastors Power House of Deliverance and has worked in conjunction with Calvary for three years now. She has been instrumental in helping to make Calvary a ture five-fold ministry through her prophetic gifts and passion for healing and breaking the chains of bondage.

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