Calvary East St. Louis - "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly" "Unifying Denominations and Mobilizing Christians for the Cause of Christ."
Calvary East St. Louis - "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly""Unifying Denominations and Mobilizing Christians for the Cause of Christ."

Facts About Calvary

Q: Do you have to dress up for service?

A: Calvary is a come as you are church where the focus is what you have in and not what you have on. 


Q:What kind of service do you have?

A: At Calvary we focus on an all inclusive worship service which includes multiple different styles of music, praise and worship.


Q: What do you believe?

A: At Calvary we believe in the universal Church. We conference with the Baptist Associations in Illinois because our beliefs are  associated with the  Sourthern Baptist church based on our doctrine,  but we consider ourselves a baptistic church.We believe that our individual beliefs from church to church should not stop us from doing all we can do to advance GODs kingdom, so Calvary welcomes fellowship with any church within the body of Christ. 


Q:Is Calvary a black (African-American) Church?

A: Calvary is a church for any of GOD's people who accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior. We welcome you to come join and help us in making Calvary a diverse church open to people from all nations and tongues. 


Q:What is Calvarys view on Gay Marriage?

A:Calvary's understanding is that the scriptures express marriage to be the union between one man and one woman. We do not judge or condem people for their own beliefs and/or action as we believe that one sin is no greater then the next and we all fall short of GOD's glory.  We do however,  hold steadfast to the belief of marriage being the union between one man and one woman as recorded in the scriptures. 



Contact Us

Calvary & Power Hourse of Deliverance 

1751 Baugh Ave 

East St.Louis IL 62205


Phone 6188233629 or 5674089252



Anointed Church of GOD Cape Girardeau 

1058 West Cape Rock

Cape Girardeau MO 63701


Phone: 3142436736 or 3142857650

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Small family church feel, Powerful spirit filled Prayer and an Illustrative, life applicable sermon gives you the Calvary worship experience!!!! Join us Sunday's at 10:30 am for fellowship and 11 am for worship. 

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