Calvary East St. Louis - "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly" "Unifying Denominations and Mobilizing Christians for the Cause of Christ."
Calvary East St. Louis - "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly""Unifying Denominations and Mobilizing Christians for the Cause of Christ."

Our Work

Calvary East St.Louis "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly" works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live.


Calvary East St.Louis "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly"  partnered with Children's Hunger fund is on a mission to meet the needs of families in our community while also connecting with the sorce of everlasting life by grace through our faith in Christ. 


In the Fall of 2015 Calvary will launch as a site for Jobs for Life (, teaching job training for many in the community in need of help in advancing their career opportunities.



We have been involved in many projects over the years, and we invite you to learn by example how you can help your community together with Calvary East St.Louis "A Baptistic Outreach Assembly".

Contact Us

Calvary & Power Hourse of Deliverance 

3429 Camp Jackson Rd

East st. Louis IL 62206


Phone 6186001696

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Small family church feel, Powerful spirit filled Prayer and an Illustrative, life applicable sermon gives you the Calvary worship experience!!!! Join us Sunday's at 10:30 am for worship, Thursdays at 6:30 pm for Bible Study followed by Healing and Deliverance at 7:30 pm.

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